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RANT Sending this email out before all the festivities tonight, so GO PANTHERS! CrossFit Perfomance A. Strict HSPU, modified HSPU review METCON 15 min AMRAP 5 – 10 HSPUs 15 Burpees 30 Double KB Front Squat Dose Response: Muscular Endurance. Pick a rep scheme on the HSPUs that is tough but you can maintain throughout […]

Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things



My entire life I’ve been active.  You may call it “active at it”. In other words, I could sort of work out on a machine, sort of run around the neighborhood, sort of eat the right things and get by.  I’d never had any formal training or direction with fitness, sports related nutrition and for most of my life, the “sort of’s” were getting me by.

Then I turned 50 and things changed.  The metabolism was slowing down, I was feeling sluggish and I was soaring toward 40″ slacks.   Pride being what is is, I refused to buy 40″ slacks.  Instead, I decided to up my game and get a focused solution with my overall health.  I’d tried some of the video fitness products and got initial success; however, after the 90 days, I was finding that I was either a) fast forwarding through the parts I didn’t like or b) would convince myself I was too tired and would do it “tomorrow”. Traditional gyms did not work as my unfamiliarity with the equipment and lack of a structured plan did not meet my fitness goals.

Then came along a Groupon with CrossFit SouthEnd.  Researching on the website, it was evident that the coaches had educational and practical credibility behind their names.

My journey began at CFSE in the “Fundamentals” class.  Basically scaled down exercises that focused on the basics, the safety of the movements, and trust me, I still was exhausted by the end of the session.  Stuart and the other coaches pushed me like no one ever has.  Additionally, Stu leads a series of nutrition classes and offers social Paleo Covered dish parties.

Within a month, I was seeing results, my endurance was exponentially climbing, I was seeing improvement in my physical appearance.  I was performing the daily “WODs” along side of other athletes in the daily work outs; I’ve discovered that the other members are nonjudgmental, supportive and demonstrate such a team spirit that athletes that are early finishers delay putting their equipment away and cheer on those finishing behind them.   The confidence I’ve gained doing physical things that I’ve never done before continue to amaze me.  Here I am, a 51 years old guy, executing standing box jumps at 28″; doing a handstand, climbing a rope, plowing through a zillion pull ups, navigating things with a barbell that only a few months ago I had only seen in magazines….. I could go on and on.  Bottom line, Stu and the coaches at CFSE know how to push and they know how to train.

Results outside the gym.  Besides having to buy new tailored clothes, getting compliments from strangers, I signed up for the Spartan Trifecta series of three obstacle races.  In 2013m I will have completed the series of 5 mile (sprint), the 8 mile (super), and the 13 mile (Beast) race.   Not only did I finish, I’m placing ahead of the middle of the pack, and a high percentile for my age group!!

I have never felt better in my life.   My outlook on my day to day activities has a terrific perspective.  I’m finding that confidence garnered with my fitness routine at CFSE is allowing me to make life choices from a better, solid, and confident place.

Crossfit is not for everyone, Crossfit CAN be for ANYone.  Just show up and try.    Everyday that I’m at my class, I do the best i can.  I surprise myself at what I’ve accomplished.

In my opinion, every day that I attend a class at CFSE, I’m adding QUALITY days to my life.

Thanks Stu, Sarah, Katie,  HB!!


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April 4, 2012- I have never wanted to punch anyone square in the face until I met Stuart Brauer. That was the day he introduced me to my first Crossfit class at ESC Crossfit Southend. I think I died twice that day. The workout consisted of wall balls, box jumps, and sprints. Why and how do people come up with this?? I was beyond sore the next day and was actually kind of upset I couldn’t do my normal gym routine. Even when Stu followed up with me, a part of me was still hesitant in committing to Crossfit, but another part of me knew that I secretly may have liked it and that I needed to take this opportunity and just step out of my comfort zone. Prior to starting crossfit, I was a typical gym rat spending 1.5-2 hours a day at the gym and was stubborn to change my workouts. My goal was not to lose weight but to get stronger and more tone. I was so delusional to thinking that longer workouts were vital to ‘staying in shape.’

It’s been a year and I could not be happier with what Crossfit has instilled in me. I have become much stronger and quicker than before. I love the intensity and varied movements for each WOD where it doesn’t allow your body to adapt to a certain movement and each workout is still challenging as the first one. Crossfit has truly just been about honest hard work and discipline that is both physically and mentally challenging. These challenges carry over into our day to day life experiences because your mental beliefs adjust to believe that you can do things even if you thought you couldn’t in the past. Everyone joins the “box” for various reasons and goals, but the amount of support and encouragement given by the coaches and your fellow athletes are above and beyond anything. We’re all here accomplishing it together and are that much more motivated by each other’s efforts and successes.

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